Control.  Our proprietary NTL Control Logic reacts without over-reacting.  It's the brains behind our controllers.

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STELTEC designs and manufactures precision control systems for municipal and industrial water / waste water treatment plants.  

We also carry submersible sensor systems, sensor wash systems and chemicals to support both our proprietary systems and legacy StrantrolĀ® equipment.


Water or Waste Water.  Municipal or Industrial.  From 250,000 to 1B gallons per day. Whatever your application, StelTec ORP/pH Control Systems can provide precision water chemistry control to help keep you in compliance, while using less chemical.


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Strantrol is a registered trademark of Siemens.

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Precision Control Systems

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Support.  We are experts in our industry and stand behind our products.  Startups, troubleshooting, repairs, accessories, consumables... we do it all.  

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