HL Series Advanced Controllers

ORP/pH controllers featuring STELTEC's proprietary NTL control logic.  Simultaneously precise and robust. 

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HL-T Monitors

Easy-to-use ORP/pH monitoring systems. 

Why Control ORP?

Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) measures the efficacy of chemical disinfectants (like chlorine) and correlates much better to microorganism kill as compared to residuals.  

By maintaining an ORP value within the contact chamber, a consistent and repeatable kill level can be achieved, eliminating the need to over-chlorinate.

In addition, ORP probes are more stable and less prone to fouling.

ORP sees both sides of the supply-demand equation making it a more suitable parameter to control.

Strantrol is a registered trademark of Siemens.

IC Series Industrial Controllers

ORP/pH controllers using Time Base Proportional (TBP) control.  Effective basic chemical control.  

Water & Waste Water 

Control Systems


Sensors & Accessories

High quality ORP and pH sensors, sensor wash systems, buffer solution and sensor clean solution for STELTEC and legacy StrantrolĀ® systems..